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The M.A. in “Philosophy” introduces an intensive year-long specialization in: "History of Philosophy and Ideas", focusing on Greek Philosophy, that will be taught in English. The courses will be held online.

This Program is committed to offering a high-quality postgraduate education in Philosophy, with a particular emphasis on the above area of study. Among the curriculum objectives is to help students of different backgrounds develop advanced competence in this field.

The M.A. in “Philosophy”, Specialization: History of Philosophy and Ideas (Greek Philosophy), seeks to provide graduates with scientific expertise, and high-level research competencies, skills, and criteria, laying a solid foundation for pursuing a Ph.D. and enabling them to make valuable contributions to their respective fields. It also aims to broaden graduates' professional perspectives.

Postgraduate students are required to attend and successfully complete six (6) courses during the program’s two semesters — winter and spring. They are also expected to prepare and submit a master thesis during the following summer term, thus accumulating seventy-five (75) ECTS in total.

To the foreign students residing in Athens a tutelage is offered.

Holders of a first cycle degree, awarded by all Departments of Greek Universities, or by foreign Higher Education Institutions belonging to the National Registry of Foreign Recognized Higher Education Institutes (info: D.O.A.T.A.P. -Hellenic NARIC) are admitted to the M.A. program. The application period is expected to open end May 2024.